November 07, 2017

At Home Gel Nails: Application & Removal

I get obsessed with quite a bit of things. Dogs. Rosé. Value sets at Sephora (I have my eye on this one ATM). My obsessions come and go. So it wasn't a surprise when one day all I could think about was gel nails.
I mean I spent hours watching tutorials on YouTube. I love gel nails because they look great, last for 2-3 weeks, and they make my nails grow soo longgg. I've been doing my nails for about 5 years now which saves me time and money.

You can find gel nail kits at Sally's, Target, and Ulta. You can also purchase them on Amazon or Ebay. In this video, I used the Sally Hansen Salon Gel Nail kit in Shell We Dance. You can use either a LED light like I did, or use a UV light. I have both and prefer the LED light because how short it takes to cure my nails.

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